Friday, July 21, 2006

720 and retake GMAT?

I just concluded my feedback session with one of the top 10 schools where I got dinged. They seem to have 3 issues with my app last yr.

1. Acads - I have a couple of Cs and Bs. Been asked to take up some course at a local college (how to do that in India is beyond me, maybe some online course?).

2. Low Work ex - I have 4 yrs workex, but they felt another yr on the job would do me good. For some reason they also seem to liken it to the leadership experiences I've had; but I am to be blamed for this - neither did I project myself properly not did I give good examples.

3. GMAT - I have a 720 on GMAT (Q 80+ and V 90+) and it aint good enuf. They want me to retake GMAT. They didnt give me any indication of what is expected of me, just that if I improve it, my chances will be a lot better. She said they get plenty of applications with 740s, 770s and 790s on GMAT. Incidentally this is the second school (I scheduled feedback sessions only with 2 schools) that has asked me to retake GMAT. The other school mentioned that the avg GMAT for my demographic (Indian IT Male) is btw 750-760.

I am seriously in a state of shock. Never expected this school also to ask me to retake GMAT! WTF!!!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

First Post

This year, when I send in my app, I will be one of the several thousands who send in their best apps to the best BSchools. Only, for me, it will be a journey undertaken yet again - I am a reapplicant. I applied to some of the top schools last year, got into a couple, got dinged by a few. But chose not to matriculate at any of those that offered admission, and instead here I am pulling my hair out on the reapp logistics. :(

The apping process aint even on my top 1000 fave things to do. But, I thought, its better to suffer through it once again, rather than go to a school which aint @ the top of my list.

Last yr I never even thought of maintaining a blog, infact last yr I didnt do anything right. :( I apped to all the schools in R2. 5 schools in 11 days. Beat that! Obviously the essays sucked. :)

For some reason, this yr I thought I should maintain a blog, if for nothing else, just too keep a track of my progress.

I might not be updating it daily, or even weekly, but update it I will, as n when I have something to blog about.

Happy Apping folks! :)


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