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This year, when I send in my app, I will be one of the several thousands who send in their best apps to the best BSchools. Only, for me, it will be a journey undertaken yet again - I am a reapplicant. I applied to some of the top schools last year, got into a couple, got dinged by a few. But chose not to matriculate at any of those that offered admission, and instead here I am pulling my hair out on the reapp logistics. :(

The apping process aint even on my top 1000 fave things to do. But, I thought, its better to suffer through it once again, rather than go to a school which aint @ the top of my list.

Last yr I never even thought of maintaining a blog, infact last yr I didnt do anything right. :( I apped to all the schools in R2. 5 schools in 11 days. Beat that! Obviously the essays sucked. :)

For some reason, this yr I thought I should maintain a blog, if for nothing else, just too keep a track of my progress.

I might not be updating it daily, or even weekly, but update it I will, as n when I have something to blog about.

Happy Apping folks! :)


welcome to the blogging world. and thanks for dropping by my blog.

as a reapplicant myself, i can understand what you say, but i wonder why you didnt join the schools you were admitted to. is it because a)they were your safety schools and you never actually wanted to attend those b)you think you pretty well stand a chance at better bschools.

either reasons(or anything else) is justified, i am just curious ;)

Hey forrest, thanks for dropping by :)

Yup, that was my safety school. Never was quite excited about going there, but dunno why, I still chose to app. It did do me good, the admit was more of a morale booster when all others were either dinging or waitlisting me. So no regrets abt apping there.


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