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Darden/Duke : +ve Wharton : -ve

Thats the status of my apps. Got admits from Darden and Duke. Got dinged at W :(

Have been keeping extremely busy - as usual, I have my fingers dipped in 475437534757493 pies at the same time. Not getting the time to post or even read others' blogs. Now that things have settled a bit, this should improve.

Definitely not feeling good about W, but no point crying hoarse about it here. Anyway, gotta decide between Darden and Duke now.

And hearty congratulations to my fellow bloggers who have admits from other top schools :)

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double congrats, dude!!!

double WOW!!

Whoa...Good news always soothes the bad ones :)
Many Congrats...n All the Best

Double congratulations, Hobbes! Darden and Duke are great. Don't be sorry about Wharton :)

hello ! Don't feel sorry about Wharton. My god are Duke and Darden great schools! Congratulations :) Hopefully, next year I will be a junior ! :D

Congrats on Darden and Duke man :)
I'm sure you're gonna have a rocking time over there.

Congrats for Darden and Duke... they're both excellent!

Congratulations! Two great schools.


wharton is a loss no doubt, but you have two great schools to choose from. i am sure very good times await you, wherever you choose to go. forget w and enjoy the blissful post-admit period. happy new year!

congratulations, dude!! I am v happy for you... I was wondering about your Darden decision, but as you said you were having a pie'ous' time :)

so you made it to D w/o retaking the GMAT (rem D's feedback)... tht makes it even more awesome :)

Read your blog once before too. Am an Indian, apping in round 2 but don't fit the IT profile .

Darden and Duke are both great schools - I have friends from both places and they are solid. Duke is King of the South - and Darden has built a solid name as well.

I can tell you that GMAT depends from school to school. I have a colleague who attended Wharton and was on thier AdCom and no way in you hell you get dinged on your GMAT for 720 there. But MIT would be a different case altogether.

Good luck on Berkeley - love that campus. Actually Duke campus rocks too.

WOW! Hobbes, that is awesome news!! You're one of the lucky peeps who gets to actually *choose* where they will go to school ;) Hope you are enjoying the holidays sitting on 2 great options!

Awesome! Congratulations!!!

Thanks a bunch, guys! :)

Yes JW, Even I was a bit apprehensive abt Duke because I didnt retake the GMAT. But its all good now! :)

thats so cool da, congrats!good job...

Congrats, Hobbes!!! Duke and Darden are great schools.

Heartiest Congratulations Anand...


Double the joy! Congratulations! Very well-deserved admits! I can see tough times ahead....having to decide between Fuqua and Darden. :P. So happy for you! Way to go, pal!


So, no Haas considerations now? :)

Hobbes, what's your news? :)
I applied to Darden, too, and I really like everything I learnt about the school during preparation. Application is on evaluation already, and I hope to hear from them soon... D-day is in March.

Many congrats!
btw, is it Hobbes@pagalguy?

The very same! :)

Oh cool!
I'm an old time PGite. PRGKT a.k.a ghilli @ PG

All the best mate. Way to go!

Oh cool!
I'm an old time PGite. PRGKT a.k.a ghilli @ PG

All the best mate. Way to go!

Hey ghilli! how r u??? Gr8 to see you here d00d! :)

WHat u upto now?

Hi there! long time...
so have u decided? wher' ya going?

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