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720 and retake GMAT?

I just concluded my feedback session with one of the top 10 schools where I got dinged. They seem to have 3 issues with my app last yr.

1. Acads - I have a couple of Cs and Bs. Been asked to take up some course at a local college (how to do that in India is beyond me, maybe some online course?).

2. Low Work ex - I have 4 yrs workex, but they felt another yr on the job would do me good. For some reason they also seem to liken it to the leadership experiences I've had; but I am to be blamed for this - neither did I project myself properly not did I give good examples.

3. GMAT - I have a 720 on GMAT (Q 80+ and V 90+) and it aint good enuf. They want me to retake GMAT. They didnt give me any indication of what is expected of me, just that if I improve it, my chances will be a lot better. She said they get plenty of applications with 740s, 770s and 790s on GMAT. Incidentally this is the second school (I scheduled feedback sessions only with 2 schools) that has asked me to retake GMAT. The other school mentioned that the avg GMAT for my demographic (Indian IT Male) is btw 750-760.

I am seriously in a state of shock. Never expected this school also to ask me to retake GMAT! WTF!!!


this is very surprising. what school is this and what's their gmat average/median?

shit happens!

change in name noted!

as i have repeatedly been saying...dont bother too much abt it...there are too many people like u and u were just the unlucky one who did not get picked...they obviously cudnt tell u that, so they put it on the GMAT...i mean if 720 is not good enough..i really donno maybe a 900/800 is okay??

@FG - I had my feedback session with Duke last night. Their Avg GMAT is 700 and their middle 80% range is 640 to 770, IIRC.

But I am sure the avg GMAT for my demographic is not less than 740. Ofcourse, this is just my guess...

@Juggler - Thanks for coming by :)

@Nivi - Thanks, i guess it is a problem for them to decide who to choose when so many people have similar kinda scores, experiences and even goals!


Appreciate your advice in your comment on my blog (thx for stopping by!)

I am very surprised schools wanted you to retake the GMAT. Looks like you are on the right track to improve your whole package this year though! Good luck... I'll be following your blog. :)

Okai, are you the one I think u are or someone else :) U, let me know if its you!

He he, depends on who u think I am. ;-) But ye, you got it right! :)

Noted the change in your blog. :)

hey, you got the school right.
I decided not to reapply there... there were other things in my profile they could have easily distinguished me on.
now i dont wanna be in a school thats trying to milk indian candidate to juice up their average GMAT.
let me know wht your thoughts are.

and what was the other school that asked you to retake GMAT? I am deciding on school for this fall, and would do better to avoid that school.

howz your reapps going? making progress?

I did my feedback session with one of the top 5 schools this year. and my 700 GMAT was fine with them. No need for retakes there.

But you are not part of the notorious Inidan IT Male pool! :) There are as it so few Indian women applicants, so they wouldnt want to discourage them from apping by giving crappy reasons like "700 is not good enough".

So what feedback did you get from them?

this shocks me !

I am a first timer and a 690 GMAT. From my talks with the adcomm, i see, they are pretty fine with it.

I am beginning to have second thoughts

But, what options are there to balance a low GPA? :-( Online courses, like the one from Berkeley?


About me: Indian, male, applying for 2010. 12 months at a market consulting firm.

Hi Anon, I have signed up for MBAMath.com Not aware of the online course from Berkeley. For more details on MBAMath, drop me a line. My email is mentoined on the right pane...

Thanks so much. I will mail you soon.


You have to remember that you are competing with literally thousands of Indian Male IT Professionals.

You are in this bucket (i.e., Another Indian Male IT Professional) and are competing with the the other Indian Male IT Professionals applying.

Hence, you have to be at least as good as, if not better than the other thousand Indian Male IT Professionals applying to MBA schools.

Take a look at ths blog of another
Indian Male IT Professional applicant:


His scores are top:

GMAT: 750 (Q50 V41)
TOEFL: 300/300

This is type of person you are competing with.

If you do not have scores like this, the AdComs are going to look at the other people in your bucket and ask why your scores are not the same, if not better.

What the gently caress indeed. I had a 720 just like you, except my quantitative and verbal are reversed. I say had, because I did nothing with it for 6 years; I could never bring myself to liquidate in my never-ending crusade of reinvestment. Now the world is going to hell, a good time to take a step back and get my MBA right? I gotta retake mine too.

That's quit shocking, i think 720 is a good score for any b-school i think.

GMAT Sentence Correction

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